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Being Surgery Buddy!

One of our core values is "We don't have to do this alone."  Use this opportunity to give back and help all of the other parents and caregivers out there. 


There are just a few simple things that we ask of our surgery buddy volunteers.


  • Maintain privacy

  • Message or speak with the caregiver on their schedule (We'll help with this info)

  • Be compassionate, listen, and validate

  • Share your experiences

Need a Surgery Buddy?
Image by Matt Walsh

We want to support you!  This is all part of this journey we have be given an opportunity to take! 


You can expect the following from our surgery buddies:​

  • Caring and compassionate words

  • Listening ears

  • Real life experiences shared


What not to expect:

  • Our surgery buddies are not medical experts and won't give medical advice.  You should always contact your health care provider/cleft team for specific care instructions.

Click the button above and choose "Surgery Buddy" in the drop down on the next page

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