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Our church presented a campaign to further reach people for Christ and asked people to commit to giving above what they would normally tithe.  Up until that point, we hadn’t committed to tithing as we wanted to make sure Crossroads was going to be our home church.

We both felt God was prompting us, so we sat down and discussed how we could contribute.  What has held me back before is the mountain of medical debt we have as a result of Henry's complex medical needs.  I never want money to get in the way of him getting a surgery or treatment.  We agreed on the amount, filled out our paper, and turned it in without a second thought.  Less than 24 hours later, I received a message on Facebook from a complete stranger and she wanted to talk to me about the Face to Face of Indianapolis Craniofacial Support Group.  You can't tell me after we make a huge commitment to give back, knowing and identifying our fears, this was a coincidence.  I followed up with a phone call and she told me she formed a group years ago when her sons were young, which had 501(c)3 non-profit status. 

A few months earlier, I was officially diagnosed with a rare syndrome called Eagle's Syndrome.   I was defeated and worn down.  I was recovering from surgery and knew I was having another one soon.  That’s when I was approached.  The way things unfolded wasn't a whisper from God.  It wasn't a gentle nudge or tap on the shoulder.  This was like the Incredible Hulk jumping in to stop an oncoming train and belt out his signature roar! 

I am chosen..even though I'm broken.  I am handpicked for influence.  I can make a difference even if and when I feel like I'm at my weakest state.

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