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Use these links to support Michael's campaign

Please use code "DIVERGENT23" to help us track purchases for this campaign!

Michael Murphy is running to make a change starting February 1st, 2023.  Over the course of the year, he will be training for the Indy Monumental Marathon in November of 2023 and with that training, has a goal of raising awareness and raising money for some amazing local organizations!

Michael is the Co-Founder of Divergent Rehab & Wellness, LLC located in Carmel and Zionsville!  Check them out here:

Michael was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate, and has personally lived the journey that inspires Legendary Smiles to be the amazing difference they are!  The amazing impact that is made by this organization puts confusion, fear, and anxiety at bay for families learning all about this journey ahead for their children.  Please help me continue to support their impact together!

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